5-day whole food detox

with Alison Wensrich


The next 5-day detox will be July 22-26, 2019

Deadline to Join: July 18, 2019


Never detoxed before?

This program is perfect for you, and it’s especially right if you are nervous about what may happen to you during a detox. If you are busy and don’t have time for a longer program but are ready to hit the reset button on your eating habits—and want an effective but gentle way to do it—this is for you!

are You experiencing any of the following?

  • Late afternoon energy slump

  • Waking up tired

  • Feeling like you’ve “lost your glow”

  • Excess weight around your belly

  • Sugar or salt cravings on a regular basis

  • Skin blemishes and breakouts

  • Brain fog or can’t think straight

…Then it is a good time for a gentle whole food detox!

We are exposed to toxins daily in our environment and through what we eat, and these hitchhiking chemicals can really put a kink in our weight loss goals!

What You Get

  • A ton of support from me during the group detox via our members-only support forum.

  • An awesome book of recipes that includes easy-to-prepare meals your entire family will eat. Even my kids will eat them, and I’m busy mom and far from a chef, so these are doable for everyone.

  • The option to add in supplements to deepen your detox further

  • Daily emails and protocol during the detox week

  • Two live calls: one before and one at the end to help prepare you for what’s to come and what’s next

  • A 20-minute strategy session with me to determine your next steps once you are done with the detox

Potential Results

  • Better sleep

  • Weight loss (most lose 4 to 9 lbs.)

  • Mental clarity

  • Better energy without the caffeine

  • Bye-bye bloating!

  • Improved digestion and bowel habits

  • Reduced cravings for bad foods

  • Lifestyle habits you can stick with

  • A little fun along the way and new friendships



  • Shopping list template

  • Supplement guide

  • Deepen Your Detox handbook

  • Eating out guide

July 22-26, 2019

Deadline to Join: July 18, 2019


if enrolled by 7/18

Without Supplements


enroll by 7/18 with supplements

With Supplements