Strive for Five smoothie challenge

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imagine life with more plants in it…

Do you want to incorporate more veggies and fruits in to your diet in an easy and delicious way?

Do you want to feed your gut microbiome to help it thrive and in turn help you thrive?

Plants are the power house to feeding our gut bacteria.  They give us lots of different vitamins and minerals and fiber, which our gut bacteria love to feed on. Our gut bacteria line our intestinal tract and play many important roles in the health of our body

When we feed our gut bacteria the healthy bacteria can thrive and protect our gut lining from leaky gut syndrome, more on that later, they also create nutrients like b vitamins, help us to absorb nutrients, make neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine to help our mental health and they make us a big portion of our immune system.  Many secrete antibodies that we need to have a healthy immune system.

I  find smoothies are a great way to get more in on a daily basis that you may not eat otherwise and they can be very nutrient dense and taste good!

If you are feeling sluggish, bloated, not pooping well, have skin issues, brain fog, feeling tired or not sleeping well, and want to find creative ways to get more plants in your life this is for you!

The only equipment you need is a blender!  It does not have to be super high powered although if you have a vitamix or blendtec all the better, but other ones like the ninja or a regular blender will work as well.

You will get recipes for five days for different smoothies, tips on how to blend them better, shopping lists, and more info about the gut microbiome and other easy ways to improve the health of your gut bugs

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