30-Day Gut Restore

with Alison Wensrich


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Are you struggling with some of these issues?

  • Feeling off, irritable, anxious or having brain fog

  • Having digestive issues or skin breakouts

  • Wondering what happened to your old self

  • Feeling tired for no reason

  • You can’t lose weight even though you are working hard

  • You’re exercising and eating right, but still not feeling quite right

  • Sugar cravings are sabotaging you

  • Having trouble sleeping

Maybe it’s not just you!

What if you could put the blame on something else? What if your gut was to blame?

Could your gut health be the missing link to getting your vibrant self back?

Have you heard of the gut microbiome? Let me introduce you to the trillions of bacteria that live in your intestines. Our gut bacteria are key players in our overall health and can determine whether we stay well or get sick. Common symptoms like bloating, digestive issues, skin problems, brain fog, or mood and stress tolerance can be related to our gut bacteria being out of balance. In more severe cases, autoimmune diseases, frequent infections, fatigue, and even an imbalance in our blood sugars and cholesterol can occur, which contribute to many chronic illnesses.

 Can you imagine a life free of these annoying symptoms? As someone who used to suffer from many of these health concerns, I can understand the frustration of constantly dealing with symptoms but never getting to the root issue of why they’re occurring. Once I learned about gut health and how to improve it, my symptoms started to fade away. Now I get to share this with you!

Introducing my 30-day gut restore program

This program will help you learn about and correct your gut health so you can get back to feeling like yourself again. It is possible to be in a better mood, be more energetic, and get rid of bloating, heartburn, and other digestive issues. You can reach a point where you can finally toss those meds in the trash (with your doctor’s approval, of course!) and forget the last time you needed medication for your symptoms. If you are tired of masking your symptoms and want to fix the issue, then you are in the right place!


You will learn the basics about the power of our gut bacteria and how they can keep us well or make us sick. You will learn about what is making our gut sick and what we can do to remove some of the triggers. You will then learn how to replace the nutrients the gut needs and improve the diversity and quality of your gut bacteria so they can start improving the quality of your health. You will then learn how to repair the damage that has been done and then reseed with good bacteria. You will also learn the basics about what is lurking in our food and common personal care and household products and how to find safer options. You will also learn about stress, its affects on your health and ways to manage and reduce the affects on your gut microbiome.


You will find your digestion issues resolving (you will be pooping on a regular basis). You won’t be bloated and uncomfortable after eating, and your mental clarity and brain fog will improve. Your mood will improve and stabilize, you will feel less anxious, your skin will clear up, then you can do a happy dance when you are able to throw away those unused meds! You will gain more energy while also having better sleep! Weight loss most likely will occur during this program as well, which is a great side benefit to getting your gut healthy.

How It Works

Upon registering, you have the option of getting supplements for increased success, which should arrive in 3 to 4 days. You will have immediate access to the online course that is self paced. You will be added to the private Facebook group and will receive an email immediately with steps to prepare. This program is meant to be completed in a 30 day period with a 2 week candida diet to be completed during the course. You have lifetime access to the course you can come back to at any time. The course is full of videos with slides, pdfs with all of the content as well that you can download or print, worksheets, before and after symptom checkers, supplement guides and a resource guide for more information going forward to increase success.

What’s Included

  • Private Facebook group, and community group online, to get support and accountability.

  • A self paced online course that will walk you through the steps to learn and restore your gut microbiome that you have lifetime access to.

  • pdfs, videos, worksheets and more with all of the content each week

  • If you choose the higher priced package, a weekly call addressing each step of restoring your gut health with me will occur

  • Education on the gut microbiome, leaky gut, and candida

  • Stress management tips

  • Grocery shopping guide and sample meal plan

  • Easy weekly recipes to incorporate in to your routine

  • a 2 week candida diet plan

  • Before and after gut health symptom checker to track progress

  • Guide to removing toxins from your life

  • Resource guide with more information for moving forward

  • Optional addition of quality supplements to help you rebalance the gut and detoxify


Don’t let another day go by feeling this way. Get to the root! Rebalance that gut and unleash your inner glow!

Program coming soon!


Without Supplements


With Supplements