How I got rid of my anxiety with a holistic approach

Today I want to talk about something difficult. Anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are the most common illness in the US affecting 18% of people aged 18 and older. Only 36% get treatment and I wonder how effective the treatment they are getting actually is. Then there are actually more people who deal with anxiety unwellness issues. I was plagued by this diagnosis for many years. At one point I wondered if I was ever going to be myself again or if I was going to have to deal with anxiety forever. It was not a good place to be in at all. It started in my late 20’s and progressed from there and peaked in my mid thirties when my kids were little. At my worst I had a panic attack while seeing a patient when I worked in oncology. I had to leave the room and even had to have my husband pick me up from work. I was doing what I knew to do at the time which was stop caffeine, try to eat healthy and exercise, but I could not pray this away, and I could not control it or let it be. It started to affect every aspect of my life and I hid it for as long as I could before I finally broke. I did try a conventional medication which did not really help me like I had hoped it would. If you or anyone you know has suffered please watch my story. Everyone’s journey is different but maybe this will help you or someone you know. This video is not meant to provide treatment advice or medical advice, but to simply share what I did to reverse my anxiety. I truly believe that MOST illnesses or symptoms we suffer with can be reversed with the right path. It is just finding the right path that doesn’t always come so easy.