What does holistic health mean?

When I think of holistic health it is way more than just what we are eating.  It is looking at all aspects of our life and environment because all of these things can affect our health.  Even a negative mindset can make us sick!  


When working with someone we for sure talk about diet because food can makes us sick or healthy, but we also talk about the things that may trigger us to eat bad.  Stress is a big one.  Stress can really make us sick.  Not only does it affect our adrenals in a negative way, which in turn affect thyroid and hormone health and sleep, but it can either make us want to eat bad foods or not eat at all!  Stress is all around us, but there are things that can be improved upon.  Simple things like a few minutes of deep breathing a day, adding in some exercise, turning negative thoughts in to positive ones, having gratitude, making time for things we enjoy, limiting negative media, and getting outside can make some big impacts!  


Sometimes when we focus on these things we call primary foods like stress, relationships, career and self care, the food part becomes easier and we have more self worth and want to do better!  So you see its not just about prescribing this diet or that, or eating a certain amount of calories!  If anything I stay away from calorie or carb counting and focus on eating whole healthy foods.  I never count, measure, weigh anything!  Yay!  If it is too complicated or hard, then it probably won't be something you stick with!  

When looking at our environment it is important to know that certain toxins, chemicals, and exposures can also play a big role in our heath.  Looking at things you use daily on your skin, hair, teeth, in your house, around your house, your work place, and cookware can also play a role in some health issues.  This is a big task to tackle so what I like to do is to replace an item with something safer once the product is empty.  That way it does not seem so daunting!  I have done this slowly over time and have some good products I can recommend!  In some ways you can save money over time by buying concentrates and making spray bottles of cleaners, or using certain cloths that don't require any cleaning products.  

Self care is huge and that entails sleep, food, water, relationships, stress management and exercise!  That is usually where most time is spent when we are working together and that can be a lot of fun too!  We essentially will be peeling back layers like an onion and getting to root causes and making some life style changes that you can stick with long term!  

Over the years I have gathered many resources that can be of benefit to you and am excited to share!  

LIFE STYLEAlison Wensrich